Friday, 14 December 2012

Facts about IT and software company.True story by an Experienced guy..!!

facts about IT companies

Today i'm going to explain about organisational innovation in India. but engineers graduating in India is many times greater than developed countries like US,UK,USSR etc...but India is not producing engineer but trained pet animals(as said in 3idiots).No one will accept this even professors!!! only true story will help this society to understands its status.Ah its not a story,its a experience by an IT it is the facts about IT companies[software company]...

 In my engineering days, I was one of the first students who had taken up a project on web technology as my project work. Even then I was sure, I wanted to be in the web technology and work on it. I considered myself very lucky to be selected in to Infosys on campus. It was my dream company then and I was very excited to be a part of it.
Fast forward 7 years, I look back and think, probably Infosys was the worst thing that happened to me. Let me explain. Infosys asks puzzles in the entrance exams. You would think, it is required to find the best analytical brain to do the job. But as soon as you get inducted, you are put into a training program (which is claimed to be the best in the industry) to train you in specific technology. Do you need analytical brain for this? No. It is just the start, where they teach you to stop thinking and enter into world of processes and zero innovation which is the main FACTS ABOUT IT COMPANIES.
I was put into the mainframe stream. I did mention I was interested in something different. However, I was told politely, you only do what you are asked to do. I am not allowed to question or choose my own stream. They did try to upsell the old technology saying, 80% of the world’s code is written in Cobol, etc etc. What they did not tell then was, none of the new technical breakthru or product development is happening in Cobol. The same case was repeated when I asked for a location of my choice.
In short, Mainframes was shoved down my throat. I was also asked to vomit out all the innovation and analytical mind set out. I was to follow the processes and not try anything entrepreneurial. Mistakes was not tolerated. You are trained to be a sheep and do like all the rest 30000 odd people were doing in the company.
Slowly but steadily, I continued to lose interest in coding. If doing the same repeated copy-paste stuff, for years together is what you wanted, why did you have to test for analytic mind set? I was not aware, but my desire to code, learn and build something awesome was murdered in Infosys. It was a curse in disguise.
Ironically, now most innovative company owner Mr. Murthy(infosys) claims, the quality of these people leaves much to be desired. On the contrary, the quality of the IT companies and facts about IT companies in India, leaves much to be desired.
Can I please request the premiere institutions of India to ban these so called Innovative IT companies? Else, at least please ensure, the bright brains are used in the right direction and not spoiled by these companies its a fact.
P.S.: I have used the example of Infosys, as I worked in this organization. It can be applied to all the major most innovative companies including TCS, Wipro, Cognizant, etc
Update: I had no idea, this post will get so much of innovative company eyeballs, facebook, reddit, etc. Hence, I have to put some more details in here.
1. I am not a girl, I am a guy. This is quite common, and I have got used to it now.
2. I am not a good programmer. Hell, I am even worse than a bad programmer. However, I am a webpreneur. I believe in Business Innovation and not technical innovation.
3. I did quit Infy, after 2 years. I was in another company for the next 5 years. It was same, if not worse than Infy.
4. I have quit my IT job, and decided to start all over again. Yes,  no jobs, no cash, but I have hope. ( pun intended)
5. My post was not to bitch about my luck, I choose it. It was to bitch about the fact that companies like Infy, TCS, Wipro, Cognizant and others IT companies, continue to mislead innocent students and hire the best brains possible, only to ruin them. There is a world beyond coding and programming, and definitely, there is a world beyond the big companies.