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IIT-Bombay to power up Aakash-2 tablets for Indian classrooms


 Amid the unending debate over whether Aakash-2 was made in China, Canada or India, the tablet's first consignment sent to the Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay is ready to be powered with stacks of applications for Indian classrooms. The government has bought the first batch of 10,000 shoe-size Aakash-2 tablets, each costing $40 (2,200). 

Since 2000, the government has been trying to change the stationery in the country's classrooms. It started with the $10 (550)computing device launched in Tirupati in 2009. Then came the $35 (1,925.20) Aakash-1 device that was touted to be India's iPad killer (Aakash was originally called Sakshaat— 'right in front of you') or it's bigger globally-created brother, launched at the UN yesterday. 

As a part of that exercise to "revolutionize education", A-2 will not be sold in the market. Instead, close to 20,000 engineering students will be given A-2 to build a fuller machine for the higher versions of Aakash. Head of Kanwal Rekhi School of Information Technology at IIT-Bombay, Deepak Phatak, is piloting this project with 11,000 teachers and 20,000 students. 

Meanwhile, IIT-Madras's professor Ashok Jhunjhunwala, who is developing Aakash-3, says the upcoming gadget will be remarkably different. For one, it will have multiple manufacturers with a larger distribution system as the order will be a lot bigger. "There will be larger accountability, and repair workshops in various parts of the country so that a student does not have to post it back to the manufacturer. We'll develop a product that is more mature, rugged and reliable." He adds that when A-3 is out "in a few months", an eco system of applications will be ready, new teaching methods and learning methodologies would have been developed and deals inked with content developers. 

Phatak, whose dream is "to see a resurgent India catching up with the world using IT", is in charge after IIT-Jodhpur director Prem Kumar Kalra was pulled off it. "Thousands of apps will be developed on Aakash-2. I wish to clarify that Aakash-2 is a pilot we undertook to develop apps; the government has paid for them in toto." The applications and the content, which promise to alter the topography of education in India, will be 100 % Indian."It's the human contribution that a lot of people are going to make that'll lead to change in education." Teaching methods in schools, medical schools, will change. 

Made in India, China or Canada? 

While parts of Aakash came from China and Canada, as confessed by Datawind CEO Suneet Singh Tuli, faculty members from engineering colleges say that India does not make components for tablets and most complex machines are of global make. 

Former director of IIT-Delhi PV Indiresan says, "We don't make any parts in India and almost all of it comes from elsewhere." He feels that if the digital divide is bridged, most problems set in India's education system will have an answer. "A computing device is going to be an important tool."C Amarnath, who heads SINE, the Innova8tion, Entrepreneurship and Incubation Centre at IIT-Bombay, points out that Ganesha idols come from China today too. "If you bring in sentiments into business, it won't work. 

Today, even Japan sources a lot from China." Similar sentiments are echoed by IIT-B director Devang Khakhar, who says that the crux of the matter was that the tablet was relevant to engineering students. "A lot of parts of the tablet have come from across the globe and assembled here. That is the case with most products today." 

Packed with many more features 

Aakash-2 is packed with many more features than its previous edition. For one, a click allows a teacher to conduct an instant quiz in the class. A professor can post a question and students need to answer the same on their tablet. 

The data is collated within seconds and it allows the teacher to find out who got it right and who did not follow what was taught.


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You must be highly talented in your field either programming or your engineering field related to computer…
1st step- Go to facebook careers
2nd  step- write the online exam which extends upto two and half hours. For example software analyst jobs they will present you with a timed programming question that you must complete as quickly as possible in one of the following languages - C, C++, Java, Python, Perl, Ruby, C#, PHP. You can check the versions of the languages provided here [click].
3rd  step- If u clear the written test. Many phone call interviews will be there.if u have enough knowledge and confidence its simple to clear it.!!!
4th step- if you clear all of those interviews you will be called for the HR round to nearby areas where facebook is conducting interviews. E.g. Banglore, Chennai. HR interview is just to talk about salary details, ID verification, medical tests etc

  Proof- I read about IITians placed in FB with 70lakhs/annum and read about placements. First they wrote written test online which was very tedious. After clearing written test they had many phone call interviews. Phone call interviews were used to test your confidence level and they appeared for interview and cleared.

Sample question asked in written test-

Facebook hiring sample test
There are K pegs. Each peg can hold discs in decreasing order of radius when looked from bottom to top of the peg. There are N discs which have radius 1 to N; Given the initial configuration of the pegs and the final configuration of the pegs, output the moves required to transform from the initial to final configuration. You are required to do the transformations in minimal number of moves.
o    A move consists of picking the topmost disc of any one of the pegs and placing it on top of anyother peg.
o    At anypoint of time, the decreasing radius property of all the pegs must be maintained.

1<= N<=8
3<= K<=5
Input Format:
2nd line contains N integers.
Each integer in the second line is in the range 1 to where the i-th integer denotes the peg to which disc of radius i is present in the initial configuration.
3rd line denotes the final configuration in a format similar to the initial configuration.
Output Format:
The first line contains M - The minimal number of moves required to complete the transformation.
The following M lines describe a move, by a peg number to pick from and a peg number to place on.If there are more than one solutions, it's sufficient to output any one of them. You can assume, there is always a solution with less than 7 moves and the initial confirguration will not be same as the final one.

Sample Input #00:
2 3
1 1
2 2
Sample Output #00:
1 3
1 2
3 2
Sample Input #01:
6 4
4 2 4 3 1 1
1 1 1 1 1 1
Sample Output #01:
3 1
4 3
4 1
2 1
3 1


Tendulkar, selectors have the talk. Here’s how it went

The pressure had been piling up for a while but the final straw were his twin dismissals to Monty Panesar on his home ground in Mumbai. His record in his last 10 innings was abysmal for a man of his standing… 153 runs, no 100s, no 50s, no man of the match awards and a lot of criticism.
Sachin Tendulkar was feeling lost and disenchanted in the middle. He was nervous in the dressing room. He was nervous on the field as well. This was not good.
Tendulkar the thinker. Reuters
Tendulkar the thinker. Reuters
Even Sunil Gavaskar – a man who is respected and idolised by Sachin Tendulkar – weighed into the argument. Even Kapil Dev – regarded as many as the finest cricket India has ever produced – felt that Tendulkar needed to have the ‘talk’ with the selectors.
So with a heavy heart, Tendulkar picked up the phone and called Sandeep Patil, the chairman of selectors. Here’s how the conversation went:
Tendulkar: Hi Sandeep Sir, Sachin here.
Patil: Aarey Sachin, Kasa aahe tu? (Hi Sachin, how are you?)
Tendulkar: I’m good. But I felt… well Gavaskar Sir and Kapil Sir felt I should have the ‘talk’ with you, so here I am.
Patil (a bit afraid, after all he doesn’t want to be the selector who asked Tendulkar to quit. He remembers what happened to Greg Chappell in the Sourav Ganguly scenario): Yes, yes… we can always talk. You know how I am – am always open to talk to the players. But family comes first, so how are Anjali, Arjun and Sara doing? When are you going… home?
Tendulkar: Ah, they are doing well. You know how it is… I can’t take a break from cricket all the time. I miss them sometimes.
Patil: Yeah, I hear Arjun seems to be turning out to be a decent cricketer. Are you going… to give him special coaching?
Tendulkar (getting frustrated, he wants to talk about retirement): Well, See I don’t want to put any pressure on him. He is enjoying the game and that is what is important. Everything else that happens… will happen. That is what I believe in.
Patil: Yeah, who can forget what happened to Rohan Gavaskar. Pressure can kill talent I tell you. So what do you think of Che Pujara? Mala tyachi batting khoop awadli (I really liked his batting).
Tendulkar: A little like Dravid but his powers of concentration are really amazing. I wish I could concentrate like that. And good stamina too. He is hungry for runs – as hungry as Dravid… maybe even more… he has had to wait for his turn.
Patil: But technique is good for outside India too kya?
Tendulkar: Haan, haan. Khoop chaan mulga aahe. (He is a really good boy)
Patil: But I am really worried about Dhoni’s captaincy. He doesn’t seem like he wants to captain the Test team anymore. We have given him everything he wants – we even gave him Harbhajan Singh in the team but he still lost in Mumbai.
Tendulkar: Well, he isn’t scoring runs. He is even losing at home. His hair has a few more specks of grey everyday. But I think he gets no help from Duncan Fletcher.
Patil: Fletcher! Well, I can’t say anything to him without speaking to N Srini (BCCI president) Tula mahiti aahe na! (You know no) Or I just might get shunted out of my job.
Tendulkar: Haha. That’s there. Don’t tell Srini I said that though.
Patil (laughing): Certainly not. And how the new Nissan GT-R doing? When am I getting a ride in it?
Tendulkar (who is a big car fanatic): Kya new! July main li thi. But mast car hai. It can reach speeds of 300 km/hour. The engine output is 390 kW (530ps)/6,400rpm with maximum torque of 612N m from 3,200 to 6,000 rpm and it can achieve 0-60 mph (97 km/h) times as low as 3.2 seconds. I can only drive it in the early hours of the morning. That is my curse.
Patil: Wow. That sounds like some car. Kitne ka tha?
Tendulkar: Well, around Rs 2.5 crore and 45 lakhs as duty. I got it imported from Japan na. Kolkata aa rahe ho?
Patil: Yes, of course. I will be there. I absolutely love rasogullas and mishti dahi. I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Anyway, got to go now. See you soon.
Well, yes, this is how we think it might have gone.
But think about it from Patil’s point of view: who would want to be remembered as the man who asked Tendulkar to retire. Did anyone ask Sir Donald Bradman to go? Did anyone ask Michael Jordan to go? Such decisions have to be taken by the players themselves. It would be unfair to put the onus on selectors when all this while Tendulkar has wanted to go on his own terms. So just because it suits him now, he decides to put the ball in the selectors’ court.
The BCCI, on its part, has been saying that the decision is Sachin’s to make and that he doesn’t need any advice on when to retire. So can Patil really go against N Srini and the BCCI and ask Tendulkar the question; the big question? One reckons not.
For Tendulkar, the question has always been ‘when’ – it’s time he decides when he wants to call time on his career. And it’s time he does it himself.

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How Pakistan google hacked:

Yesterday I read an article about Pakistan google hacked by Turkish hackers..
Here is the RAFAY .when i accessed, I was surprised to see the defacement page of turkish hackers, Later on i came to know that other websites such as were also defaced this morning. On checking the name servers with nslookup, the DNS servers were pointing towards another website, It was clear that the hacker compromised the DNS server and changed the DNS servers to their own, where they had their defacement page. The above image appeared on major .pk domains, when users were trying to access them.Some time later the page started pointing towards instead of, However the name servers of all .pk domains are still pointing towards freehostia.          

How was Google Pakistan Hacked? 
So as i mentioned earlier that it looks to me that the registrar that was responsible for Google's DNS records may have been compromised and the records were changed, so when users went to they were redirected to different website which was setup by Turkish hacker to make it look that has been actually compromised 
By a quick whois search i came to know that the registrar that is responsible to PKNIC domains is MarkMonitor, The is a huge chance that the turkish hackers may have gained access to MarkMonitor and then would have changed the DNS servers. Another possibility is that the hackers may have used an attack called "DNS Cache Poisoning" in order to change the DNS servers. I will update this page as soon as i have more updates regarding this attack.

Update: Here is the Full List Of Compromised Domains:

Update 2: Due to the Propogation of Google's name servers to Freehostia's nameservers, It made attackers to create any non-existing subdomain under compromised websites, For example All the attacker would need to do is to register the non-existing subdomain under freehostia and add an index.

Update 3: It seems that has been finally restored and the nameservers are again pointing to



solution for powercut in tamilnadu
solution for powercut in tamilnadu
      Today i'm going say something about power cut and its solution FOR POWER CUT IN TAMILNADU…!!!
Before finding the solution we must analyse problem behind power cut,then we can find optimum and possible solutions for power cut 
To my knowledge.
1.We don’t have enough power to supply.reasons are given below

-Below is the Neyveli lignite corporations power productions..!!


Production (MTPA)
Power Station
Capacity (MW)
Mine I
Thermal Power Station-I
Mine IA
Thermal Power Station- I Expansion
Mine II & Expansion
Thermal Power Station-II
Barsingsar Mine
Barsingsar Thermal Power Station

But our consumptions:

The power consumption in the state on July 6 broke all previous records — for the second time in two months — touching a new high of 244.947 million units (MU). The previous high was recorded on June 20 at 243.880 MU.“The maximum power demand touched 244.947 MU, a new record of power consumption in the state,” a senior Tangedco official said.The state usually sees electricity consumption peak between March and June due to the summer and agricultural activities.
Besides the soaring temperature, the agricultural activities would begin in the delta districts for kuruvai crop.“The delta farmers in eight districts are given 12 hours of three phase agricultural supply to meet their irrigation requirement in absence of water release in Cauvery on June 12,” an official said.With the availability wind power, the demand-supply gap in the state has come down from 3,500-4,000 MW a day to 1,500-2,000 MW a day.The scorching heat has pushed the ever-rising power demand to a new high of 11,283 megawatts (MW) on June 26 surpassing the previous high on June 6 when it soared to 11,078 MW.
Thus power produced is comparatively lesser than what we consume  and this is the reason for power cut in tamilnadu…

Possible solutions:

Govt told about 2solutions:

Power cuts in Tamilnadu has increased. We hoped that Kudankulam atomic power station will be the solution. But unfortunately it raised a big problem. Now Tamilnadu CMJayalalitha has made a great move that is to construct Udankudi thermal power station at cost of 8000crore.

Udankudi Thermal Power station

Udankudi is located at Tuticorin district, Tamilnadu. Udankudi was a sea shore village very near to Trichendur. Presently Tamilnadu CM Jalalitha has proposed Thermal power station in Udandkudi, 8000 crore as budget. In the year 2007 MOU was made between BHEL and Tamilnadu Electricity board. They have planned to set up 1,600 MW (2x800 MW) Thermal power station with raw material as coal. Subsequently, a joint venture with utankuti Power Corporation was established in December 2008. Utankuti thermal power project cost is estimated as Rs 8,000 crore. This amount includes debt and shares. 26 percent of the amount involves capital stock of the current council and another 26 percent of amount provided by Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited Company, the remaining 48 percent will be shares from private corporations. Read article about Koodankulam nuclear plant tamilnadu

Udankudi - Solution to Tamilnadu power cut

Udankudi is capable to generate 1600 MW power. This 1600 MW power will be distributed to Tamilnadu alone. If this power plant is constructed then there will be job vacancies for BE students in future. Frequent power cuts may reduce. There is an announcement made that there will be only 4hrs power cut in Tamilnadu districts. If this Udankudi power station is constructed power cut timing will be reduced to 2hrs. 

My suggestions:

1.Construction of  Solar power plant:
Govt is trying to do the same…
The Tamil Nadu Government has commenced the implementation of its ambitious programme to provide solar-powered lights to 300,000 homes in the State.
Work on this has been going on in the last couple of weeks in the Tiruchi district and 60,000 homes would be lighted in the current financial year, Sudeep Jain, Chairman and Managing Director, Tamilnadu Energy Development Agency (TEDA), said today.
(The government intends to do it in phase of 60,000 homes over a five-year period. The first phase was to have been completed in 2011-12, at a cost of Rs 1,080 crore. Under the programme, solar panels would be put up on the roofs measuring 300 sq. ft. Each unit would cost Rs 1.80 lakh. As the programme is meant for rural poor, the entire cost would be to the government.)
Speaking at a conference on the ‘Dependability of REC mechanism, RPO and power trading in solar industry,’ organised here by the Energy and Fuel Users’ Association (ENFUSE), Jain said that the Tamil Nadu government was also implementing another programme to energise 100,000 street lights with solar power, at a cost of Rs 200 crore. ENFUSE is an organisation which is supported by the major oil companies such as ONGC, IOC and CPCL and the conference was sponsored by CPCL.
Both the home light and street light programme are grid-backed, “the first of their kind in the country,” Jain said.

Net metering

Jain said that the Government of Tamil Nadu was also very keen on net-metering. (Net metering enables the rooftop solar plant can put in surplus energy into the grid because it spins the other direction when power is being put into the grid, thereby giving credit to the generator.)
He noted that two pilot net metering projects were on—one in TEDA’s own office building and another at Auroville, Puducherry. He said that when net metering became a reality, rooftop solar plants could do away with the costly and energy-inefficient battery-based storage.
Jain also hoped that just as the prices of solar panels have fallen drastically (from $2.5 a watt in 2009 to around $0.65 a watt now), the prices of inverters would also fall.
He said that the cost of putting up a 1 kW rooftop solar plant had come down from Rs 2.5 lakh a couple of years back to Rs 1.5 lakh and said that if the cost of inverters came down, the overall cost would come down to less than Rs 1 lakh per kW. The rooftop solar movement would take-off then, he said. of inverter and batteries at home:
 Batteries can be constructed from waste aluminium,copper or we can buy old materials  which cost less than new one. And inverter you can get its circuits from internet itself.
You can all this stuffs from

i got all this from hindu news,tneb,deccanchronicle


Breaking News: Ajith Kumar's next movie title revealed
The wait is over for all Ajith Kumar's fans, who have been waiting on their toes to know the name of his next movie. Yes, the name of his next movie has been revealed by a secret source. But it is not the title of Vishnuvardhan's movie, which is revealed, but the Thala's other movie with Siva of Siruthai fame. Well, it has been named as Vetri Kondaan.
According to sources, Ajith Kumar's next movie has been confirmed as Vetri Kondaan. After going through several titles, the makers of the movie have finalised this title. It is said that the name of the film suits the image of Ajith and it will have a huge mass appeal. Hence, this name was selected, add sources.
Meanwhile, the makers of Vetri Kondaan have approached Anushka Shetty to play the female lead role. The actress is likely to give the nod for the project. The regular shooting of the movie will start in December 2012.The title of Ajith Kumar's next film has been revealed and it will be called 'Vetri Kondan'. Director Siva, who worked on 'Siruthai' before, will handle the project and it might have Anushka playing the lead. The film will be Ajith's 53 rd film.
Asked why the film is titled so, Director Siva stated that it depicted Ajith's history as a director and his journey towards becoming one of the top actors in Tamil cinema. The shooting for the film will begin in December of this year.This however leaves the question of what will be the title of Ajith's very next film, his 52nd, in which he is working with Vishnuvardhan. With movies lined up one after the other, Ajith fans will be keen to find out more about what's happening behind the scenes.

Ajith plays a hacker in Vishnuvardhan's next film

It's no longer news that the Thala Ajith has hit the gym to get in shape for his next with Vishnuvardhan. Few of his workout images have been released by Vishnuvardhan. Ajith boasts off his well toned body and salt and pepper hairdo in these.
Earlier critics wrote off the star heavily for his weight issues. The actor seems to have taken this in a sportive spirit and has gotten in shape for this yet-to-be-titled movie.
It is now said that Ajith plays a hacker in this film that also sees Nayantara, Arya and Taapsee Pannu in the lead roles. Hotshot Rana Daggubati will be seen in a cameo whilst. Music is by Yuvan Shankar Raja. The film will be produced by AM Ratnam.

for more details look here..thala ajith..........
reference thala ajithfans


                                                          In this post.i guide you to reduce within 10-5days,,,,,
To reduce weight all u need is dedication and concentration....!!!  Before entering into our  process let me tell you guys about a inspirational story about my uncle..

He is working in Toyato, had beautiful child,wife and running good life…!!!! Though he has enough money and all stuffs,he couldn’t enjoy all the things because of his overweight. He was around 92kgs which made to feel shamed to participate in all functions and parties. Oneday he decided to reduce his weight, came to thundergym consulted our master  and got diet plan and work out plan..!!!! U can also contact him in facebook Hari bhaskar
 Workout is just 10mints but 3routines and do it morning.. evening..workout needs no running, no hardest workouts its just just needs two thumbles
You people can see the workout video here!!
Now coming to diet plan
Morning at 6’O clock, mix lemon in hot water(200ml) and drink it
Then for breakfast eat OATS enough.
Afternoon just have wheat related food. Evening don’t drink milk or tea because diary products have fats. Drink as much as water u can. Then for dinner try eat only whiteyolk of two eggs.!!!!!
Exactly one month you can reduce your weight!!!
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