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Apple Vs Samsung Battle Heads to South Korea

 Frosty Reception Ahead for iPhone 5?
Apple is about to step up its offensive against Samsung on its arch rival’s home turf, as the iPhone5  release date for South Korea has been officially confirmed for December 7th – followed a week later by iPhone 5 launches in Russia, Brazil, Taiwan and dozens more.
The sixth-generation of the world’s more popular Smartphone is already on sale in 47 countries spanning the globe, having first hit the shelves in key market including the US, the UK, France, Japan, Australia, Canada and Germany back in September. After just three days on sale, the iPhone 5 had shipped to the tune of 5 million units across its first wave of market alone.
According to recent statements from Apple, the iPhone 5 will be available in no less than 100 countries by the close of the year, which will include the massively lucrative and growing market of China as of December 14th. The week before will also see the iPad 4 and the iPad Mini hit the Chinese market for the very first time.
China is arguably the most important nation for Apple to capitalize on, as the country is by far the fastest growing Smartphone market in the world and home to hundreds of millions of subscribers. However, the biggest raise of the eyebrow has to go to Apple’s presence in South Korea – Samsung’s native stomping ground.
The two market leaders have a long history of not only battling it out across the Smartphone and tablet PC market, but also bumping heads rather expensively in the courtroom.
South Korea is known to be fiercely proud of the Samsung name and sees the company as something of a jewel in the countries crown. As such, a court order demanding $1.05 billion in damages be paid by Samsung to Apple following a recent patent dispute did not exactly go down well with the people of South Korea, or help the reputation of Apple in their eyes.
It will no doubt be interesting to see what kind of welcome the iPhone 5 is greeted with later this month.To read about HOW APPLE GOT $1BILLION...CLICK HERE


Apple vs. Samsung

Here is full story of apple vs samsung....Its like a patent war between appple and samsung...this is full cover story about how APPLE GOT $1BILLION...
---Apple filed a case against samsung that their product is under their patent infringement..followed by samsung filling case against follows:

Samsung filed to add the iPad Mini, iPad 4, and the iPod Touch 5G to the case.
"The iPod Touch 5, iPad 4, and iPad Mini have the same accused functionality as the versions of the iPod Touch and iPad that are already part of this case," stated Samsung in the Wednesday court filing. "As such, the proof of infringement of the patents-in-suit by the iPod Touch 5, iPad 4, and iPad Mini will be substantially the same as for other Apple devices already accused of infringement in this litigation, and there will be no impact on the parties' ongoing claim construction efforts."
In return, Apple filed to add Samsung's Galaxy S3, Galaxy S3 Mini, Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, Galaxy Tab 8.9 Wi-Fi to the case.
Apple's court filing stated, "In short, Apple has acted quickly and diligently to determine that these newly-released products do infringe many of the same claims already asserted by Apple and in the same way that the already accused devices infringe."
Apple is going far to note that they will order a new lawsuit if these before mentioned Samsung products are not entered to the trial since the products involve "exactly the same patents, patent claims, and legal theories."
Apple and Samsung are both expected to return to the courtroom on Thursday where the verdict to give Apple over $1 billion could be thrown out.Also read samsung vs Apple in south korea---- CLICK IT

To view Judge Koh's latest court order,click here

solar-powered wheelchair

Hot wheels: who can invent a better solar-powered wheelchair?

A 2010 solar-power wheelchair- can you do better?
People with celebral palsy were asked for ideas, as part of World Cerebral Palsy Day, for things that could make their lives easier and better, with a solar powered wheelchair one of the top 3 ideas from hundreds submitted shortlisted for development – perhaps by you!
The world’s first World Cerebral Palsy Day was on the 4th of September 2012, earlier this year, with the day’s theme of “Change my world in 1 minute!” setting off more than a year-long series of activities to bring real change to the next World Cerebral Palsy (CP) Day on the 3rd of September 2013.

Throughout August and September this year, the World Cerebral Palsy Day site states that “people with cerebral palsy were given the opportunity to express what they needed to make their lives more independent or rewarding. Those ideas were posted here, and participants were asked to vote for the ideas they liked the best.

According to the site, we’re now up to Stage 4 in a five stage process, with the previous three stages being the posting of ideas, voting on those ideas, and then announcing the shortlist.

The announced ideas are, in order of their shortlisting (as seen at the site link above or below):

1. A fold-up motorised wheelchair
2. A documentary entitled "Cerebral Palsy in the 21st Century
3. A wheelchair with solar-power
At this fourth stage, announced today, the Day's organisers are inviting "social activists, researchers, inventors, and innovators to propose how they would make these shortlisted ideas become reality", also described as “people with the expertise and resources to create any of the three shortlisted ideas”, with those able to seriously and generously do so asked to register at the World PC Day site
A total $25,000 prize pool is also on offer, and will be “shared across the three selected ideas to those that can best bring them to life”, meaning “one prize per category".

The end of March next year is the deadline for inventive new creations (a working prototype) to be submitted and reviewed, with a winner chosen for each idea that "successfully replicates the shortlisted idea" and announced on Friday the 19th of April, 2013, at the World CP Day site.

The site then notes that: "Progress on the commercial production and availability of the winning creations will be updated via the World Cerebral Palsy Day website, social media, print and broadcast media."

Aspirant entrant inventors, be they one-stop invention shops or part of a larger team, are advised to read the FAQ before and after pressing the pinking purple "I can invent this" button, with the application page protected by 'captchas' to prevent bots from their automated digital mischief.

Marcus Blease, World CP Day Panel member from Australia’s Cerebral Palsy Alliance and said in the media release that: “Of the many worthy ideas submitted online, we thought these three had the greatest potential to change the lives of the 17 million people around the globe living with cerebral palsy. 

“In addition, these three ideas have potential to be commercially viable and one day be available on the open market place for people with cerebral palsy. 

“People with cerebral palsy have played their part in coming up with potential ideas, now it’s up to the world’s best minds to turn these shortlisted ideas into reality.

‘This is a unique opportunity for creative minds from across the globe to come together and be a part of something truly life changing’, continued Mr Blease.

“Whether you are an engineer, a designer, a film maker, a business entrepreneur, or a university student or group, we want to hear from you if you think you have the skills to turn one of the shortlisted ideas into reality.

“This opportunity is equivalent to chart-topping artists finding stardom through a talent TV show, with the big exception that success on this stage will change the lives of 17 million people around the world living with cerebral palsy.”

Sounds like a very worthy cause that could certainly end up helping each Australian child born with cerebral palsy every 15 hours, the 17 million people around the world with cerebral palsy, and the 350 million people “who are closely connected to a child or adult with CP”.

The two wheelchairs would also help anyone that ever has the need for a wheelchair in fold-up form, solar-powered form or perhaps even both in the one unit!

Wouldn’t that be something that could help make the lives of people with wheelchairs so much easier and more convenient.

Some kind of easily deployable, or removable but wired solar panels are things that are in my mind, so the wheelchair doesn’t have to be in the hot sun to recharge.

Wireless solar panels to charge a battery, could that be done? Or retractable solar panel(s) of enough size and efficiency… and what about the batteries and their charge?

These are but some of the ideas that immediately flow through my mind…
You’d also want to check up on Google to see what others have already accomplished with solar wheelchairs, including a 200 mile trek in a solar power wheelchair, with large panels in 2010, created by a polio sufferer in the UAE, for ideas on how to create your own innovative new, smaller and sophisticated model!

In addition, the documentary would undoubtedly shine new light on the lives of those with cerebral palsy and would hopefully help to ignite even more creativity and new invention from across the globe to not only improve the lives of people with cerebral palsy in a genuinely meaningful way, but also to benefit everyone else that could use and would welcome the same technologies in their lives, too.

With so much interconnectivity and collaborative potential between the world’s billions of people, what a wonderful time to launch such a great initiative.

I truly hope this day and creative challenge finds the keen and inventive minds it seeks in the quest to make these three ideas a reality by March next year – who knows, it may well be you, from whichever corner of globe you’re reading this from!


100 Great Things About American

1. The Internet
Oh yes, invented in the USA -- maybe Al Gore helped.
2. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights
3. Baseball
America's pastime…steroids or not
4. Mount Rushmore
Home of the original "your face here" gimmick
5. Food in New Orleans
If you can remember it the next morning
6. Rock and roll.Find a Beatles or Stones song uninfluenced by American music. Just try.
7. Hawaii.Mauna Kea, Kaua'i…you gotta see it to believe it.
8. iPod, iPad, and everything Apple
9. Barbecue
Carolina, Mississippi, K.C., Memphis…it's all good.
10. Ford Mustang
Who needs a German car? We'll take the classic.
11. Wikipedia.This article that mentions a popular fact site is a stub. You can help us by expanding it.
12. Buffalo
Because this is a real sentence: Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo. Don't believe us? Check on #11.
13. Slam dunks.Thanks to Doctor J
14. Broadway.If the Lion King ever closes, Cats will come back.
15. Bluebirds
Listen to mine sing
16. Google
Because no one stands up to China better
17. Mark Twain
The original American bad-ass
18. The national anthem
19. Iced drinks
When will the rest of the world figure this out?
20. Beaches
Cape Cod, Kiawah, Zuma -- ours are better.
21. Madison Square Garden
A little threadbare but still the biggest stage in America's biggest city
22. Delivery pizza
23. The Grateful Dead
Long may the followers of Uncle John's Band live on.
24. YouTube
25. The Super Bowl.The parties, the ads -- oh and a sports game, too
26. Fishing
China rules the commercial catch, but more people fish for fun here than anywhere else.
27. Monopoly
A game we sometimes play in real life, too.
28. The Big Apple Circus
Where joy and, occasionally, fear comes in clown twelve-packs by tiny car
29. M&M's.
Imitators don't stand a chance

30. Facebook
Friend us? Just kidding… but seriously. Please friend us.
31. Thanksgiving
Loosen your belt and watch the parade
32. Pickup trucks.
Our nation's first outlet for unfunny bumper stickers

33. The Simpsons
May Bart and Lisa never make it to high school.
34. Oprah Winfrey
But after 2011, no more free cars for the audience
35. Frisbees
Not just for dogs
36. Mad Men
Jon Hamm + Christina Hendricks = cooler than the actual '60s
37. New York/Boston sports rivalry
For our safety, we decline to comment.
38. MRI machine
Perfect for after that Yanks-Sox game
39. Patagonia
The first to make polyester clothes out of old plastic bottles
40. Archie Comics.
Betty or Veronica: 68 years and the debate rages on

41. The Golden Gate Bridge
Dirty Harry meets Full House. Uh oh.
42. Jazz

Even before Ken Burns discovered it
43. Fantasy football
44. S'mores
45. Trader Joe's.
If cheap wine were apples, we present the modern Johnny Appleseed. Amen.

46. The 4th of July
47. Harley Davidson
The motorcycle company that has survived both the Great Depression and the Hybrid Obsession
48. March Madness
So crazy it spills into April
49. Scrabble.
As Facebook proved, it's Scrabulous

50. Kegs
Even useful when empty, as moorings
51. Slip 'N Slide
Simple. Genius.
52. Ice cream
Ben and Jerry's, Breyers, soft serve… ours freezes the competition
53. Yellowstone National Park
54. Oreos
This choice bribed by the secret dairy farmers' cartel
55. Edward R. Murrow
A journalist who was cool? Sigh.
56. Restaurant week
The one week a year when snooty waiters have to play nice
57. Washington D.C. monuments at night
Lincoln looks good
58. Bugs Bunny.
Every parent's dream: he's nice to doctors and he eats his veggies

59. Etch A Sketch
Don't shake away our faith in this one
60. Coca-cola
Hmmm… what does the "coca" stand for again?

61. Flip flops
Not the John Kerry kind, though both can be found on Nantucket
62. Vegas weddings
63. Napa wine.
If anyone orders Merlot, we're leaving

64. Willie Nelson.

65. eBay
The only place where you can buy a single cornflake
66. Blueberries
Our favorite fruit that can't check email
67. The Rockettes.

68. Charles Barkley.
Hosting Saturday Night Live and pitching for T-Mobile, Sir Charles is now larger than life

69. Blue jeans
Levi Strauss invented the modern version only to see them become boringly ubiquitous
70. County fairs
We recommend you eat your corndog after swinging that sledgehammer at the High Striker game
71. The Oscars
A celebration of everything good and awful about Hollywood
72. Veterans
Thank you
73. Steakhouses
Thankfully, not rare
74. The Tiffany box
The only package more powerful than its contents
75. Sports mascots.
The San Diego Chicken vs. the Phillie Phanatic

76. The Great Lakes
77. Salt water taffy
Delicious even though they contain neither salt nor water
78. Roller coasters
Possibly the only 30-second activity worth a three-hour wait
79. HBO

Even if we're unsold on the vampire craze
80. The Everglades
Where else would you go to get drunk and wrestle an alligator?
81. Bonnie and Clyde

Do you and your honey bunny rob banks? No? Then sit down.
82. Chewing gum
But please, remember that it's a silent activity
83. The light bulb

And we just keep inventing better ones!
84. Religious freedom
From Pilgrims to scientologists
85. Bagels
If you've never tried one, come to New York and make your first one an H&H
86. Judd Apatow films
87. The Billboard 100
Measuring our music since 1958
88. Chipotle
And the guacamole really is worth the extra $2.25
89. Dalmatians on fire trucks
Black and white and red all over
90. Disney movies

Not yours, Nicholas Cage. The old school, animated ones
91. New Year's Eve
Every country has one, but they all watch Times Square
92. Elvis Presley
A hound-dog and the King
93. Cowboys
94. Turducken
A true American delicacy: a chicken in a duck in a turkey
95. Netflix
The only movie rental survivor
96. Spring Break
We plead the Fifth
97. Escalators.First used commercially in Yonkers, NY in 1899—who knew?
98. Stand-up comedy
Unless you are singled out
99. Redwood trees
The oldest is 2,200 years old
100. Bendy straws
Invented by a Cleveland entrepreneur—and perhaps Ohio's most significant contribution, though we tip our hats to the Wright Brothers and its 8 U.S. Presidents
101. Charlie Brown
Sorry, Charlie, maybe next time you'll crack the top 100
reference-fortune cnn



IIT Bombay- Many as 35 companies made 160 offers on Sunday with Samsung leading the list in terms of number of offers. In terms of salary package, Sriram Bhagwat of IIT Bombay has been offered USD 1.5 lakh (Rs 80 lakh) per year by Samsung. 

IIT KANPUR-After hogging the limelight for one of its students bagging a mammoth Rs 72 lakh annual salary package last year during the campus placement drive, IIT-Kanpur is in the news again for the same reason. Rocket Fuel, a USA based company that came to the institute for the first time this year, has offered four students of IIT-Kanpur an annual CTC package of $1.30 lakh, which equals Rs 70 lakh in Indian currency.

IIT KHARAGPUR-Multinationals CitibankCoca Cola and Amazon on Sunday entered the fray at the Indian Institutes of Technology, where both salaries and the number of offers have topped last year's figures in the first two days of the annual placements.Day 2 of the event saw offers of international postings and an average salary of 10 lakh at the Guwahati campus and 20 lakh at IIT Kharagpur. The line-up of companies wanting to tap Indian talent included eBay, PayPal, Accenture, Nomura, Flipkart and SISO (Samsung India Software Operations), American Express, Schlumberger, Qualcomm, Adobe, Walmart, Morgan Stanley, Oracle, Johnson Matthey, Epic and Directi. Microsoft, GoogleFacebook and Samsung, with salaries ranging from $120,000 to $150,000 for positions based primarily out of the US and Korea.

IIT MADRAS-The placement season in IIT has started. What has come as a surprise is a top offer provided by South Korean multinational conglomerate Samsung to a computer science student in IIT Madras. The technology giant has offered a package of Rs 81.6 lakh.Google has occupied the next position in offering a PPO pre-placement offer) to a student IIT. He has been offered a package of Rs 73 lakh.The first day of placement saw big recruiters like Boston Consulting Group; Deutsche Bank Group; Goldman Sachs; ITC, Google, Sony (Japan), Facebook, Morgan Stanley, Microsoft amongst others. Average domestic salaries are in the mid-Rs 20 lakh range on the first day.

IIT-Bombay to power up Aakash-2 tablets for Indian classrooms

 Amid the unending debate over whether Aakash-2 was made in China, Canada or India, the tablet's first consignment sent to the Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay is ready to be powered with stacks of applications for Indian classrooms. The government has bought the first batch of 10,000 shoe-size Aakash-2 tablets, each costing $40 (2,200). 

Since 2000, the government has been trying to change the stationery in the country's classrooms. It started with the $10 (550)computing device launched in Tirupati in 2009. Then came the $35 (1,925.20) Aakash-1 device that was touted to be India's iPad killer (Aakash was originally called Sakshaat— 'right in front of you') or it's bigger globally-created brother, launched at the UN yesterday. 

As a part of that exercise to "revolutionize education", A-2 will not be sold in the market. Instead, close to 20,000 engineering students will be given A-2 to build a fuller machine for the higher versions of Aakash. Head of Kanwal Rekhi School of Information Technology at IIT-Bombay, Deepak Phatak, is piloting this project with 11,000 teachers and 20,000 students. 

Meanwhile, IIT-Madras's professor Ashok Jhunjhunwala, who is developing Aakash-3, says the upcoming gadget will be remarkably different. For one, it will have multiple manufacturers with a larger distribution system as the order will be a lot bigger. "There will be larger accountability, and repair workshops in various parts of the country so that a student does not have to post it back to the manufacturer. We'll develop a product that is more mature, rugged and reliable." He adds that when A-3 is out "in a few months", an eco system of applications will be ready, new teaching methods and learning methodologies would have been developed and deals inked with content developers. 

Phatak, whose dream is "to see a resurgent India catching up with the world using IT", is in charge after IIT-Jodhpur director Prem Kumar Kalra was pulled off it. "Thousands of apps will be developed on Aakash-2. I wish to clarify that Aakash-2 is a pilot we undertook to develop apps; the government has paid for them in toto." The applications and the content, which promise to alter the topography of education in India, will be 100 % Indian."It's the human contribution that a lot of people are going to make that'll lead to change in education." Teaching methods in schools, medical schools, will change. 

Made in India, China or Canada? 

While parts of Aakash came from China and Canada, as confessed by Datawind CEO Suneet Singh Tuli, faculty members from engineering colleges say that India does not make components for tablets and most complex machines are of global make. 

Former director of IIT-Delhi PV Indiresan says, "We don't make any parts in India and almost all of it comes from elsewhere." He feels that if the digital divide is bridged, most problems set in India's education system will have an answer. "A computing device is going to be an important tool."C Amarnath, who heads SINE, the Innova8tion, Entrepreneurship and Incubation Centre at IIT-Bombay, points out that Ganesha idols come from China today too. "If you bring in sentiments into business, it won't work. 

Today, even Japan sources a lot from China." Similar sentiments are echoed by IIT-B director Devang Khakhar, who says that the crux of the matter was that the tablet was relevant to engineering students. "A lot of parts of the tablet have come from across the globe and assembled here. That is the case with most products today." 

Packed with many more features 

Aakash-2 is packed with many more features than its previous edition. For one, a click allows a teacher to conduct an instant quiz in the class. A professor can post a question and students need to answer the same on their tablet. 

The data is collated within seconds and it allows the teacher to find out who got it right and who did not follow what was taught.