Wednesday, 5 December 2012


Apple Vs Samsung Battle Heads to South Korea

 Frosty Reception Ahead for iPhone 5?
Apple is about to step up its offensive against Samsung on its arch rival’s home turf, as the iPhone5  release date for South Korea has been officially confirmed for December 7th – followed a week later by iPhone 5 launches in Russia, Brazil, Taiwan and dozens more.
The sixth-generation of the world’s more popular Smartphone is already on sale in 47 countries spanning the globe, having first hit the shelves in key market including the US, the UK, France, Japan, Australia, Canada and Germany back in September. After just three days on sale, the iPhone 5 had shipped to the tune of 5 million units across its first wave of market alone.
According to recent statements from Apple, the iPhone 5 will be available in no less than 100 countries by the close of the year, which will include the massively lucrative and growing market of China as of December 14th. The week before will also see the iPad 4 and the iPad Mini hit the Chinese market for the very first time.
China is arguably the most important nation for Apple to capitalize on, as the country is by far the fastest growing Smartphone market in the world and home to hundreds of millions of subscribers. However, the biggest raise of the eyebrow has to go to Apple’s presence in South Korea – Samsung’s native stomping ground.
The two market leaders have a long history of not only battling it out across the Smartphone and tablet PC market, but also bumping heads rather expensively in the courtroom.
South Korea is known to be fiercely proud of the Samsung name and sees the company as something of a jewel in the countries crown. As such, a court order demanding $1.05 billion in damages be paid by Samsung to Apple following a recent patent dispute did not exactly go down well with the people of South Korea, or help the reputation of Apple in their eyes.
It will no doubt be interesting to see what kind of welcome the iPhone 5 is greeted with later this month.To read about HOW APPLE GOT $1BILLION...CLICK HERE


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