Wednesday, 28 November 2012


                                                          In this post.i guide you to reduce within 10-5days,,,,,
To reduce weight all u need is dedication and concentration....!!!  Before entering into our  process let me tell you guys about a inspirational story about my uncle..

He is working in Toyato, had beautiful child,wife and running good life…!!!! Though he has enough money and all stuffs,he couldn’t enjoy all the things because of his overweight. He was around 92kgs which made to feel shamed to participate in all functions and parties. Oneday he decided to reduce his weight, came to thundergym consulted our master  and got diet plan and work out plan..!!!! U can also contact him in facebook Hari bhaskar
 Workout is just 10mints but 3routines and do it morning.. evening..workout needs no running, no hardest workouts its just just needs two thumbles
You people can see the workout video here!!
Now coming to diet plan
Morning at 6’O clock, mix lemon in hot water(200ml) and drink it
Then for breakfast eat OATS enough.
Afternoon just have wheat related food. Evening don’t drink milk or tea because diary products have fats. Drink as much as water u can. Then for dinner try eat only whiteyolk of two eggs.!!!!!
Exactly one month you can reduce your weight!!!
His present photo is here.............

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